Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions applyable for using the site www.haineelegante.ro

The company that manages the site www.haineelegante.ro called Haineelegante.ro is Style Fashion Stefi S.R.L, hereinafter referred to as Style Fashion Stefi, registered at the Trade Register under no. J40/11922/2010 and having the unique RO27784007 Register.

Use of this site implies acceptance of terms and conditions below. We recommend reading them carefully. Style Fashion Stefi assumes the right to change these provisions without another notification. The most recent version can be found by accessing the page "Terms of Use" in the basement of the site.

We assume the right to make changes to these provisions without another notification.

Our service includes communications with administrative and commercial character that will be sent when you decide to register as a user.

You agree and accept that, without notice, we can delete or add any information on this site, interrupt any activity on the site or the contents of the archive site, and if that reference is made to other sites do not guarantee and / or confirm in any way the type of information you find on those sites. Remains at your discretion whether or not to visit those sites and take into consideration whether or not the information found on there.

Style Fashion Stefi S.R.L, a company registered in Romania, owns the site www.haineelegante.ro. Style Fashion Stefi S.R.L is registered at the Trade Register under no. J40/11922/2010 with Unique Registration Code RO27784007.

1. Copyright

All content on this site Haineelegante.ro - images, texts, symbols, and elements of web design, scripts, programs and other data - is owned by Style Fashion Stefi and its suppliers under the law of copyright and intellectual property laws and industrial. Using any content without the written consent of Style Fashion Stefi any is punishable under the laws in force.

2. Access to information on the site

Style Fashion Stefi provides access on Haineelegante.ro site to all users for personal use of informations and gives no right to download or modify part or all of the site, to reproduce informations full or partial, to copy, to sell / resell or exploit the site in any other manner, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of Style Fashion Stefi without the prior written consent of it.

3. Limited liability for products and services

Products and services are offered in the same shape and condition that we get from producers and are also available in limited stock. Style Fashion Stefi offers no guarantee express or implied, including but not limited to the operation of this site, information, content, materials or products on the site and match them to a particular purpose. Users expressly agree that the use of the site and purchase products or services is at their own risk. Style Fashion Stefi cannot guarantee the availability of all products.

Pictures posted on website for example, the products supplied or images presented may differ sometimes in any way (color, accessories, appearance, etc.). Style Fashion Stefi and its suppliers reserve the right to modify technical specifications of products without notice. Site content (texts, descriptions of products, technical features, images, symbols) is constructed in close collaboration with representatives of those brands in Romania. For this reason, Style Fashion Stefi is not responsible for the descriptions of products shown on the site Haineelegante.ro, which are identical to those available to us by representatives of each brand.

Style Fashion Stefi is not responsible for any malfunction of the products purchased from its stores. All responsibility and repair of these defects lies in the importer or the service authorized by it. All products are accompanied, where is the case, by original guarantee certificate issued by the importer or supplier. Maximum amount of damages to be paid by any client Style Fashion Stefi if inadequate delivery is the amount received by Style Fashion Stefi from this customer.

4. Limited liability for prices

Prices shown include VAT (19%), but do not include delivery, unless that is expressly specified in this site. Acquisition price printed on the bill will be the same as that set by the Sales Consultant in order to confirm the time being holding or order, when orders paid online with credit card, this price will be published on the acquisition time. There is a limit of minimum ordering price, in value of 30 LEI.

5. Limited liability for delivery

Delivery of products has an area of national expansion anywhere in Romania. Style Fashion Stefi reserves the right to perform confirmation orders before honoring them by contacting customers. Delivery of products will be free in Bucharest for orders that exceed the amount of 300 LEI (including VAT) and the country commands that exceed the amount of 500 LEI (including VAT). Will apply a delivery charge for orders with a price less than these amounts, in the amount of 20 Lei for Bucharest and 25 Lei in other locality. Style Fashion Stefi reserves the right to delay or cancel deliveries of ordered goods, if they can not be met for independent reasons of Style Fashion Stefi, including fires, explosions, floods, epidemics, strikes, governmental actions, wars, acts of terrorism, protests, riot, civil disorder or other impediments of force majeure under Romanian law practice. If the customer is not found at the address mentioned in the timetable established by mutual agreement the Delivery Agent will return after restore contact with the customer. If this time the client is not found at address, the order will be canceled and returned to the headquarters of Style Fashion Stefi, the client will bear the costs of new deliveries, regardless of the value of products ordered.

6. Limited liability to payment

The payment for products ordered under this Customer Agreement may be made in advance or upon delivery of products. Style Fashion Stefi reserves the right in certain cases to require products payment in advance. Payment in advance may be made by money order or payment order, proof of payment must be sent to Style Fashion Stefi by e-mail office@Haineelegante.ro. Delivery will be made only after the entry of the amount in Style Fashion Stefi account. Payment in advance is also considered payment using credit card online. In this case, Style Fashion Stefi's processor will request confirmation of electronic payment security and validity of the transaction and also will perform additional checks where appropriate, before the delivery of products. Products ordered must be paid in full; otherwise delivery will not be made.

7. Limited liability for product warranty

Products purchased through this site benefit, where is the case, of warranty from provider for each brand, with the legal provisions in force. Thus, where each product will be accompanied by the warranty of the manufacturer, will provide directly or through its representatives service for his product.

8. Limited liability for users' comments

Users who visit the site Haineelegante.ro can comment on it and on the offered products, and these feedbacks may be published on the site after a prior approval. Style Fashion Stefi reserves the right not to publish comments on the site containing illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, racist, which in any way disturb the privacy of others, violating intellectual property rights, contain viruses, different texts aiming to promote, chain letters, mail links in mass or any other form of spam.

Style Fashion Stefi will not bear any responsibility and will not be obliged to pay any kind of compensation for any form of damage produced by such comments or communications. In case of dispatch of materials / documents, other than those related to the purchase / sale of products, it is considered that the user gives the company Style Fashion Stefi and its affiliates / associates the non-exclusive right, unlimited, free, irrevocable, and to re-use reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, and the right to distribute anywhere in the world by any means.

The user guaranties that has all rights on the content that is sending to be published on the website by any means, so that, using this content, will not cause injury to any person. Style Fashion Stefi does not assume any responsibility for possible damage caused by use of the content of these comments to the site's users, which are offered under the same limitation of liability as the rest of the content on this site.

9. Limited Liability for links to other sites, servers, browsers

Servers of a third company host Haineelegante.ro site. Style Fashion Stefi Company cannot be held responsible for errors published on this site regardless of the reasons for their appearance, including changes to the site, setting, or updates. Style Fashion Stefi will not be liable for errors arising due to the use of certain browsers visiting the site Haineelegante.ro.

Style Fashion Stefi is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of sites that can be accessed through links on this site www.haineelegante.ro. For those sites, the site owners concern the responsibility of integral gateway.

10. Right of return

The customer has the right to notify in writing Style Fashion Stefi for quiting the purchase, without penalty and without invoking any reason, within 10 working days of receipt or, if services provided by the contract, by returning this term of the product bought in the original packaging with all accessories and without presenting any sign of damage or wear, the customer will bear expedition expenses under Romanian law. This right cannot be invoked if the client receives the product directy from our offices or those delivered directly by our staff, after a sample demonstration for the product was made or after installation.

Any such request shall notify by date, sign and send by the person registered in the database at email office@Haineelegante.ro.

11. Litigation and final provisions

Any other problem caused by the products and services presented on Haineelegante.ro or information presented on this site and that is not already treated by any article of this document, will be settled amicably within 30 days from date of referral in writing problems, by the user. If not managed to extinguish the conflict amicably, competence returns to Romanian judicial courts, the parties choose the jurisdiction of the Bucharest area. Customer assumes all such risks (no, it will replace procedures) once expressed his agreement to this Agreement with clients.